Hastings Property Management was started in March 2017. The aim was to not be like other agents, and to approach the industry from a slightly different angle, and operate in a way that we feel is better for our Landlords, and more liked by our tenants.

One of the first things you will spot with us, is that we don’t drive the flashy cars, constantly wear shirt and tie (or very smart dress for the ladies), or spend all day sat in the office. We come from a property maintenance background, and bring the good philosophy and ethos from that industry to the lettings. Wearing polo shirts and work combats is more relaxing for our staff members. We may turn up to properties in a van. The reason for this is very simple; Sometimes a simple job can be completed there and then. When a tenant checks out and leaves a bag of rubbish, or a very minor repair is needed, can you imagine any other agent saying they’ll take it in their new BMW, or get a tool kit from their Mercedes SLK? Neither can we, but they’ll probably bring in a contractor just for that, and pass the charges onto the landlord.

With the way we can use modern technology, we can service both landlord and tenant needs whilst we are on the road. This may just be answering calls, or responding to issues. Not being tied to an office, we can be productive and reactive to your needs.

You can reach us by phone, and the answer machine is always on if we can’t answer. We will get back to you ASAP. We also have various social media accounts, who’s links can be seen at the top of this page.

We are Hastings Property Management, and we let properties, and manage portfolios throughout East Sussex.