For Landlords

At Hastings Property Management, we don’t work like many other agents. We come from a background in property maintenance, and that is what sets us apart from many other companies.

For fully manged or rent collection services we only collect our fee, when we collect your rent

The first thing you will notice right away is that we rarely wear a shirt and tie in the office, or on viewings.
We don’t spend our days sat around the office.
We can carry out alot of maintenance and repairs in house, saving not only time, but also money.

As a landlord, we believe we can offer you one of the best services around. We don’t give you waffling baffle to process, and we are up front and honest with all our fees from the start.

We offer 3 main services:

  1. Tenant finder. £145
  2. Tenant finder + rent collection £120 + 7% rental income (HMO’s are charged at 10%)
  3. Full management – £120 +9% rental income (HMOs are charged at 12%)

Tenant finder:
The tenant finder service is just that, we will find a tenant for you. Once the tenant is signed up, we will give them the details to pay the rent direct to you, and our job is complete. This service normally includes:
Inspection of the property, and collection of all details and photographs.
Advertising and marketing the property
Accompanied Viewings
Tenant checks (reference, credit and immigration etc)
Inventory, EPC and Gas Safety Check available at extra cost
Draw up an AST Tenancy
Handover of keys and signing of tenancy agreement.

Tenant Finder + Rent Collection:
This service typically includes all the options of the Tenant Finder service, plus:
Monthly rent collection from the tenant.
Transfer of rent (minus agent fees) to landlord.
Monthly rental statements.

We get paid, when you do…

For the rent collection, and the full management (below) we only collect our fee, when we collect your rent. It is in our best interest to find you the best possible tenants for your property, and to ensure that each and every month the rent is collected on time. Any hold ups or delays, means a delay in us getting our fee to. We like getting paid, just like you like getting your rental income.

Full Management:
This service will typically include all of the above options, plus the management of the property, which includes:
Meter readings and informing utilities of new tenant.
Arranging contractors for repairs and maintenance
Regular (usually quarterly) property inspections
Arranging tenancy renewal.
Serving notice to leave the property on your behalf
Checking the tenant out the property
Handling and registering the deposit and ensuring the tenant has all the prescribed information.

Property Maintenance, Cleaning and Repairs:

If you choose the full maintenance service, then we can provide alot of maintenance, cleaning and repair services within the fees we charge. However this only covers small repairs (light switch change, leaking kitchen sink etc), quick clean through (hoover carpets, wipe down surfaces) etc. Our tradespeople are on call 24/7 for the tenant, and anything we can’t do ourselves, we have local contractors on hand to step in.
We ask that any repairs up to £50 in cost we can authorise ourselves, and any repairs over that cost we require the landlords permission for.

Landlord FAQs:

What am i responsible for?
As the landlord and property owner, you are responsible for the fabric of the building, sanitation and supply of services. We advise that you keep buildings insurance on the property.
You are also responsible for ensuring the property is safe to let, and has a gas safety certificate, and EPC. We can assist with this, and will advise you if required. We also highly recommend that the electric are safety checked.
If the property is being let furnished, all the furniture must confirm to fire safety regulations.

When will I get my rent?
We typically pay the rent to the landlord 14 days after it is due from the tenant. This payment is normally made direct into your nominated bank account.

How do you choose tenants?
We reference all tenants using an external agency who provide references from employers, past landlords and credit checks. We can then work from this, and decide if a tenant would be a risk or not.

What if the tenants doesn’t pay rent?
Due to the referencing we use, this is a very rare issue. However things do happen and a tenant may stop paying rent. As soon as this happens, we have processes in place to move quickly and efficiency to either recover the payment, or take action through the courts. We can advise on this should it ever happen.

I have my properties with another agent, can I move them over to you?
Yes. This can be done either all at once, or in groups.

I only have 1 property / I have several properties, is that ok?
Yes. We can manage almost any number of properties. We welcome landlords who are just starting in the journey, and those with many years of BTL experience.

HMO’s (Houses of multiple occupancy)?
Yes, we can work with HMOs. This can also include communal area maintenance and clean, together with outdoor space if needed.