For Tenants

Here at Hastings Property Management, we love our tenants. We believe in being open and honest, and creating a healthy relationship between tenant and agent. We work hard for our tenants and see them as vital to us as our landlords.

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Tenant Fees:

The fees we charge are listed below. There are no hidden fees, and we believe that we are one of the most reasonable agents in the area.

Admin + Referencing fee: £75
Guarantors will also need to pay this fee, if you are using one.

Tenancy Renewal: £20

Missed Appointments: £30
Missing a pre-arranged appointment for either our staff or our contractors, without giving adequate notice.

Holding Fee: £180
The holding fee is a prepayment towards the first month’s rent, this reserves the property for you providing all applications are completed within 72 hours. If the admin + references come back negatively, then the holding fee is refunded, minus the admin + referencing fee.

Late rent payment: £30

Those are the main fees that we charge. Obviously if you damage the property, you will be charged for the repair, and likewise if you fall behind with your rent, or need to be evicted for other reasons then fees will be added. The vast majority of tenants however, never have to pay these fees.

Moving in costs and process

For a typical rental property, the following would need to paid before you get the keys. However, please check with us as some landlords require a greater deposit than others.

Once you have chosen your property, we require the Admin + Referencing fee as listed above to conduct the referencing, credit checks etc.

After the checks come back positive, We then require:

1 months rent as the deposit and
The first months rent

Normally your rent will then be due monthly, on a specific date each month.


Is my deposit payment protected?
Yes. All deposit payments are held with DPS, and you will receive details within 21 days of the deposit being paid.

Can I leave the property, before the tenancy ends?
Yes you can, however this is only allowed if approved in negotiation with the agent and landlord. If you leave without being given approval, you will be responsible for the rent until the tenancy end date.

Can a fixed term tenancy be renewed?
Normally, yes it can. However please check with the agent, as there may be circumstances where the landlord only wants the property rented for a fixed period (holiday lets being on a fixed term over the winter for example).

Are pets allowed?
Not in all properties. If the property is advertised as accepting pets, then normally it is ok for 1 animal (cat, dog, bird etc). Always check beforehand, as a larger deposit may also be required.

How can I pay the rent and the fees?
The fees can be paid by bank transfer, card or cash.
Rent will be expected to be paid by standing order, and you will be given a form for this when you sign up for the property.

What do I do when I move out?
We expect the property to be left in a clean and good order condition. We rent all properties in this condition, and expect all tenants to do the same as they leave.

Do I need insurance?
If you want your contents to be insured, you will need contents insurance. We can offer recommendations for this if needed.

What else would I have to pay for?
Utilities – the supply of gas, electricity and water.
Council tax and Television licence.
Installation and the subscription for cable or satellite services to include broadband internet (If allowed within the property, not all proeprties are able to have Sky TV).
Insurance for personal belongings.
Garden maintenance (during and at the end of the tenancy).
Alarm system monitoring, if installed (the Landlord will usually pay for the alarm system servicing).
Residents parking permit.
The end of tenancy professional cleaning.
The inventory check out charge by the independent inventory clerk. All and any dilapidations and damages as agreed in writing by both parties as detailed on the check out report